Impact Resistant Windows & Doors

Where to buy Impact Windows in South Florida and How to Choose a Window Dealer

We will BEAT any quote from any "BIG BOX" store or "In Home" Sales Presentation in Broward County or South Florida.

Here are some helpful hints for choosing the best place to buy impact windows.

 Internet / Google Check websites carefully, they can tell a lot about a company.

Impact Window Websites should be detailed & informative.

  • Websites should NOT look like a SALES SOLICITATION .... move on to something more legitimate and informative.
  • Websites should be more than 2 or 3 pages ...And  It should be easy to navigate.
  • Websites should look Professional & Credible – are photos shown actual job installations or stock photos from a catalog?
  • Is their Gallery of jobs credible? Showing small residential homes next to Hi-Rise condos doesn’t necessarily mean they replaced the entire condo bldg., most likely a few units in that building.  
  • Is the company an Authorized Dealer? You can verify by calling the Manufacturer. Some companies will list every known Window & Door brand under the sun, it very unlikely that a company carries every brand, it’s not feasible.
  • Is there contact information to talk to an actual knowledgeable person? Stay clear of websites that direct you to filling out a sales contact lead sheet. You should be able to call someone directly.
  • Are the products “Made in America”? Remember Chinese drywall? You need to ask where products are made. Some products are imported & assembled here. Generally, you won’t be told if products are imported unless you ask. If you're looking for the "cheapest price", you'll most likely end up with a "cheap import". Keep Americans Working!. 
  • Do the companies have a Showroom? Or are they working out of the back seat of a truck with mini-samples? Do they list an address? You can verify with Google Maps & "Street View".
  • Does the company carry Liability & Workers Comp. Insurance?
  • Is the company licensed in the county it operates in? Do they have an Occupational License? You can check Occu. Lic. on the internet by city or county
  • Are they licensed to install? Who qualifies the company?  
  • Are their Testimonials all "one liners" ?

Direct Mail - Flyers. Magazines & Mail Catlogs – Scrutinize these ads carefully.

  • Companies with the word AMERICAN in their name do not necessarily sell Made In America products.
  • If the ad does not show an address, most likely they do not have a showroom or are working out of a truck or they just don’t want you to know much about themselves.
  • Some ads can make a company look huge……in reality, they may be working from home or out of a garage or warehouse.
  • Be Aware of companies that offer “Factory Direct Pricing” … There is no such thing unless you're dealing direct with the manufacturer.

Impact Window Showrooms This is the most reliable way to choose a company.

  • Showrooms are like a person’s clothes or appearance; it speaks volumes about that company.
  • Allows you to see the actual product up close & personal. Compare manufacturers’ side-by-side. See the features and benefits you’re looking for.
  • See full size displays and cut-away samples, not dusty miniatures in a warehouse or garage.
  • Literature should be clean and readily available.
  • Before you decide on a company… make a visit to each.

 Download a high resolution .PDF version of this document.